Ideas Architect PodcastThe Ideas Architect Podcast

The Ideas Architect Podcast explores how to design, build and sell your ideas. The show is a mix of interviews with authors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and thinkers discussing their journey and how they’ve built their success. Plus, it includes some of my own big ideas and presentations.

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Geoff McDonald – Deep Minimalism (Feb 2021)

Ian Berry – Heart Leadership (Jan 2021)

Sandi Given - Find Your Courageous Voice

Bill Jennings - How to have Valuable Conversations

Carolyn Tate - The Purpose Project

Marty Wilson - More Funny, More Money

Mark Molony - Using Mindfulness to Get More Done

Toby Marshall - Lead Creation Strategies

Melanie Colling - Purpose Driven Projects

Tim Graham - Build a Fit Business

Georgian Benta - Build the Gratitude Habit

Taruni Falconer - Cross Cultural Leadership Habits

Geoff McDonald - The Ideas Architect

Brett Jarman - Expert Leverage through Team, Systems and Content

Wes Towers - Five Website Trends for 2017

Jon Yeo - Presenting and Speaking at TEDx

Andrew Melville - The Weave

Ailsa Page - Marketing Expert

Yenny Stromgren - Everyday Light Warriors Podcast

Corrinne Armour - Fearless Leadership

Zoe Freeman - Digital Marketing Strategy

Mark Molony - Mighty Mindfulness

Nadine Parkington - Digital Strategy

Suzanne Mercier - Unmask Performance

Ian Berry - Simply Leadership

Brian Coogan - Protect Your Website

Helen Macdonald - Optimize Your Mindset

Mike Allen - Political Intelligence

Irma Zimmerman - Brand Yourself Online

Gihan Perera interviews Geoff McDonald

Nicola Vague - Evolving Leaders
Roger Simpson - Build Your Marketing System

Jason Fox Podcast

Michelle Bowden - Be the Expert in Your Field

James Burgin - Craft Your Personal Brand

Wes Towers - Website Marketing

Brett Jarman - Business with Purpose

Andrew O'Brien - Global Lifestyle Business

Trav Bell - Bucket List

Simone Novello - Marketing Partnerships

Andrew Melville - Stories, Communities

Suzanne Mercier - Career Roadblocks

Pete Kvist - Websites

Jon Yeo - Passion to Profitable Purpose

Sam Cawthorn - Crisis to Success

Gihan Perera - Online Influence

Eric Knight - Tricky Problems

Brad Krauskopf - Collaboration

Graeme Cowan - Resilience


Geoff McDonald with Alan Silcock (Feb 2021)

Done - Why You Fail to Finish Your Projects and What To Do About ItDone: Why You Fail to Finish Your Projects and What to Do About It

Recordings and full chapters from my latest book…

Geoff’s Presentations


Book Rapper

Book Rapper

We showcase the latest business insights from the best selling books of some of the best business brains on the planet.

Geoff McDonald - What the #$%?! is Going On?

What The #$%?! Is Going On?

Future business trends and Sensemaking

Product Creation

Manifesto by Geoff McDonald


Content Marketing

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