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Toby Marshall – What’s Hot in Marketing and Lead Generation

Toby Marshall - Lead CreationToby Marshall is the founder of Lead Creation – a B2B marketing agency that does both the strategy and the implementation of the marketing.

Toby and his team employ the strategy of online>offline>online. This means you start by making online connections, then meet face-to-face at events and grow the relationship online after that.

Toby Marshall is also the author of Get Your Prospects Talking Back.

Ideas Architect Podcast

In this episode (#105) of the Ideas Architect Podcast, Toby Marshall talks about what’s hot in marketing and lead generation. In particular:

The Three-Part Lead Generation System

Why you need a three-part lead generation system and how to build it. Toby Marshall shares his online > offline > online strategy for generating business leads. This starts with promotional marketing online that invites people to meet you at trade shows and event marketing. We still want to meet face-to-face! And, once you’ve met you can keep in touch online again.

Online > Offline > Online – the 3 part lead generation strategy you need

Toby Marshall - Get Your Prospects Talking BackWhy Business is Getting Faster

Even as recently as ten years ago, the majority of business was done face-to-face. This meant travelling across town or perhaps flying interstate to meet potential clients. Often, this was all for a one-hour meeting only – that’s a lot of effort for an unknown return. Toby Marshall shares how he does business today with live video to meet with potential partners and clients more quickly, more often and more easily.

The Lego Kit of Marketing

There is no one off-the-shelf marketing system that takes you from lead generation to client relationships. Instead of having five tools to do your marketing, now it is likely that you have more than 50 to build a full system. And, because these are all distinct and separate they need to bolt together – the lego kit of marketing.

Avoid these two traps…

As Toby Marshall suggests, the lego kit of marketing profoundly impacts how you do marketing and who you turn to for help. He suggests you avoid two ‘cons’:

  • The Lone Ranger – no one person can connect all the necessary lead generation and marketing components. It would help if you worked with a team to make this happen.
  • The Fire Hose – avoid the communities where a whole heap of information is offered like a fire hose to solve your marketing challenges. We don’t need more tips, tricks and tactics – we need implementation.

Marketing Complexity – 10 years ago = 5 tools, today = 50+

Geoff McDonald and the Ideas Architect PodcastWhy your website is ‘just a platform stupid’

Having a website is no longer enough. It’s simply a platform. We also need a strategy to create content to attract new customers and sales funnels to convert and direct the customer relationships.

Collaboration is more than a fad

The old approach of trying to do it all yourself no longer works because of the complexity involved with the 50+ software tools you’ll need to build your lead generation system. Toby Marshall shares how he has built connections that have enabled his clients to afford a trade show in Shanghai, London and Las Vegas. It’s all about collaboration and the Share Economy in action.

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