Three Ways to Work with Geoff

The turning point for me was in the board room meeting with a Director of one of Australia's premier architectural firms. I'd just presented some of my ideas about the future of architecture. He replied, 'I love your ideas." Great. "But I don't know what to do with them." Not so great. I didn't know what to do with them either. That was 20 plus years ago. Since then, my life's work has been to find ways to design build and sell my ideas. And I help my clients through my struggles, victories and efforts doing this. 

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The basic principle for earning money from what you know

To earn money from what you know you must package up your education, experience and expertise in a way that someone else can buy it from you. In other words, create content. And not just content for social media or your blog. It’s also content or IP (Intellectual Capital) that becomes the information products and services you sell. There are three ways I can help you with this…

Three ways to work with Geoff

DIY Work with Geoff

Check out this site for the blog posts and videos, the Start Here mini course plus other resources to help yourself. 

Group Coaching - Work with Geoff

Join our weekly live group coaching sessions – to know what to create and to get it done. See The Content Club below. 

1:1 Coaching - Work with Geoff

To go further, deeper and faster you can work with Geoff in one-on-one coaching sessions. Send me a message in the form below to tell me what you need.

The Content Club

The two big challenges most people face around creating content to earn money from what you know are (1) what to create and (2) actually creating it.  The Content Club is designed to provide the guidance, support and accountability to turn your ideas and experiences into income. 

Earn money from what you know

The program runs weekly with a 90-minute content creation session. This is an easy way to schedule time to create your content and ask questions as you do. Then every four weeks, we’ll have a double event with a strategy session to keep you making smart moves and heading in the right direction. 

The Content Club launches in July 2022. If you’re interested, add a message below or click here to read more.

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