Attract New Clients and Keep Your Existing Ones for Longer

Content Creation Coaching for Business Experts

Stop chasing work with the...

Wrong Clients

Wrong Clients

Wrong Projects

Wrong Projects

Wrong Fees

Be rewarded for your education, experience and expertise

Education Experience Expertise

Everything changed for me when…

I knew I could provide so much more value. Eventually, I realised I was waiting around for that big opportunity that might never come. I needed to back myself and claim my expertise. That was when I devoted myself to creating content and IP that I could share with others to show the value that I could provide.

The Content Club

The Content Club provides group coaching for business experts wanting to earn money from what they know through content creation. Usually, this is a combination of IP creation and Content Marketing.

IP Creation


Write a book
A Training program
Create your signature idea
Information Products
Keynote Presentation


Website copy
Email marketing
Podcasts and Videos

The group meets twice per month – on the first and third Thursday of each month – via Zoom. Email support is also provided between sessions. Sessions are limited to ten people to ensure you receive personal attention. 

Your Curriculum

The Seven Question of the Content Creation Canvas

• Define your business goals across 3 types of capital
• Create a single Hyperfocus to get more done
• Work out the most important transformation your clients want to make
• Create a clear plan of what content you will create each week and where you will share it
• Define your signature content style so you can stand out from the crowd with less effort

• Design a clear client value statement to attract your ideal clients
• State your business philosophy in simple and powerful ways 
• Devise your strategy for producing one set of content that attracts new clients and keeps your existing ones for longer
• Create a clear plan for how you will consistently produce great content

Geoff McDonald, author, speaker, thought leader

Geoff McDonald

Geoff McDonald is a master of content creation. He has written 12 books, over 1000 blog posts, more 85 ebooks, 100 plus podcast episodes, over 50 YouTube videos, presented at international conferences and created more than a dozen courses. Plus, he has coached people to create keynote presentations, books, training games, courses, brand positions and sales copy. He is well known for his Book Rapper book summaries which were syndicated to dozens of clients.

At the Content Club we know that you want to earn money from what you know. To do that, you need to show people the value you can provide. But the problem is its all locked away in your head which makes you feel undervalued. We believe it’s not a knowledge issue but a design challenge. While you have a lot of education, experience and expertise in your field, you need our ideation skills.  

Here’s how we do it: Commit to a content project • Do the work to create content • Share your content with current and potential clients.

Join the Group Coaching program. And in the meantime, start watching our videos in our DIY coursesSo, you can stop chasing work with the wrong clients, wrong projects and wrong fees and instead start attracting new clients and keeping your existing ones for longer.

1 Month

Usual Value
AUD 200 Two Sessions
  • 2 x 90 minutes
  • Max 10 People
  • Email Support

3 Months

Introductory Offer
AUD 300 Six Sessions
  • 6 x 90 minutes
  • Max 10 People
  • Email Support


Deep Coaching
AUD 1800 Six Sessions
  • 6 x 90 minutes
  • Private Sessions
  • Personal Support

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