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Delicious resources

The Ideas Architect Podcast

Over 100 episodes including over 50 interviews with business experts and thoughts leaders on topics ranging from leadership to branding, writing books and running a successful business.

Book Rapper

Book Rapper book summaries

Probably, what I am best known for - visual one-page snapshot summaries of books by some of the best business brains on the planet.

Manifesto - a powerful way to define your big idea

Various posts and examples of manifestos at work, including ebooks, blog post articles and plenty of examples. There are over 80 blog posts on Manifesto - check the Blog Post Categories (below) to find them quickly.

60 Must Read Business Books

Best Business Books

I've read 40-50 books every year for the past 20 years - that's over 900 books. Here are a selection of ebooks sharing the best books that I've read during this time.

Blog Post Categories

There are over 1000 blog posts on this site. Yep, I know that's a lot. Probably one of the best ways to search them is through a list of their categories. Check out the topics on the drop down menu below.

Blog Post Categories

Some of my other websites

Over the years, I've created numerous projects that have results in publishing other websites. Here are some of them...

  • – over 250 examples of manifestos
  • – includes some of my paintings and sculptures
  • – a detailed diagnostic to assess the health of your lifestyle.