Best Business Books

Here are some best business books I’ve read over the past 10 years available as ebooks you can freely download, devour and share… During this time I’ve read over 500 books – most of which relate directly to business. And it is an independently reviewed list – no payments received.

Book of the Year 2017

From the 53 books I read during 2017, I’ve selected my Top Ten business books for the year and my rather surprising must-read Book of the Year for 2017.

Book of the Year 2017

Download: Book of the Year 2017


Book of the Year 2016

From over 50 books we select our Top Ten business books for the year, plus we declare our must-read Book of the Year for 2016.

Best Books 2016 - Book of the Year

Download: Book of the Year 2016


The Expert Manifesto

How do you make money from your expertise and the ideas in your head? The starting point is to create a big idea that captures attention, defines what you do and how it helps other people. More manifestos here at our project site:

The Expert Manifesto

Download: The Expert Manifesto


60 Must Read Business Books

A summary of 60 of the books we have rapped over at Book Rapper. I’ve read several hundred business books to select these and I think they are some of the best business books published over the past ten years. As the title suggests, I think they’re a must read!

PS: I’ve rapped each of these books. In other words, I’ve designed and summarized them so you can read every single one in about 30 minutes – or all of them in a single week. Instant expert! You can buy all of these book summaries over at Book Rapper.

Our best business books over the past 10 years from Book Rapper

Download: 6o Must-Read Business Books


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