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Business Leaders, keep up to date with social and technology trends so you can make informed decisions.

Create Opportunities
Leapfrog Competitors
Grow Your Business
Don't lag behind

Avoid being embarrassed by blind decisions or industry disruption. 

The Map Now Plan
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Know what's going on. What's changing in your industry?


Spot the patterns. What's driving the change in your industry?


Seize your opportunities. What's your next big thing? 

Be in the know

We know that you want to be a leader in your industry.

In order to do that, you need to make informed decisions. The problem is you're so busy getting all your day-to-day jobs done which leaves you struggling to keep up with the changes in social and technology trends happening around you. 

We believe that being in the know comes from having good habits. 

We understand there is a lot of information (and mis-information) out there, which is why we sort through it for you and present it in bite-size chunks. 

Here's how we do it: 
1 We track what's changing
2 We identify what is driving these channels
3 We show you how to seize your golden opportunities

In the meantime, grab our 25 Opportunities ebook so you can stop falling behind and start being the industry leader you want to be. 


Profit from the patterns and insights you see. The best map of your industry wins. Create golden opportunities. 


Disruption comes from not seeing clearly what's going on around you. Avoid blind decisions. Avoid being disrupted.


If you're not keeping up you're falling behind your competition. Leapfrog them. Lead the way in your industry. 

Geoff McDonald
Regular clients know when they come to Geoff they will walk away with a fresh perspective and new opportunities for their business. He is a former architect who quit because he became more interested in designing the industry than individual buildings. An International speaker and author of 10 books, Geoff has a knack for knowing what's hot across social and technology trends. 
What works best for you?

Follow our visual guides in your own time and place to deepen your awareness of what's going on in your industry bit by bit .

Let us paint the picture of your industry by what trends and patterns we see through an in-house or conference presentation. 

Tap into the power of your team to reveal what they know and connect the dots to create your unique map of your industry. 

Grab our ebook Opportunities to learn about 25 technology and social trends changing around you. Answer the questions to create your golden opportunities.
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