Here are some of the books I’ve written…

Weekly Done Book


Do you want to get more done this week? Of course you do! Weekly Done is a hard cover book with 52 fast, easy and proven strategies designed for you to apply today to get more done this week. Each strategy is a visual one pager that you can read in two minutes. This book is a one-year DIY course for being more productive than ever before – it could be the one thing that makes the difference between where you are now and where you want to be.

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Done - Book by Geoff McDonald


If you want to overcome your most important business challenge or create your next big thing then you’ll need to create a project. And, you’ll need to fulfil that project. If not… well… you know… The number one reason we fail to finish our projects is a lack of motivation, inspiration and passion. This book is based on the seven core principles of our popular program Project Done. If traditional project management doesn’t work for you, here is the alternative. It’s practical, refreshing and compelling.

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Geoff McDonald - Disruptive Leadership

Disruptive Leadership

Is your Leadership Program peddling old thinking? Despite the billions of dollars spent every year on leadership courses, consultants and training, public opinion suggests we have a leadership crisis. Our respect for and the reputations of our leaders across business, politics and beyond are at all time lows. What is going wrong? Is it the way we are leading? Or, is Leadership, as we know it, dying? In Disruptive Leadership, Geoff McDonald highlights the evolving history of leadership from the immortal gods through to social media. He also presents the key leadership ideas of the past few decades and a clear path forward into the world of decentralized leadership. It’s a powerful discussion piece for all leaders and all leadership programs. It’ll question what you know about leading the way.

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What the #$%?! is going on?

Geoff McDonald’s latest book is provocatively called What the #$%?! Is Going On because this is the battle cry of our generation. It’s both a desperate and anxious cry that we don’t know what’s going on. And, it’s a statement of the opportunity of the turbulent times in which we live. It’s been written as fuel for those in business who want to lead the way, explore new opportunities and make informed business decisions. It’s also for those people who want a first level of defence against disruption from direct competitors, previously anonymous global players and seemingly unrelated technologies. It’s guaranteed to get you thinking!

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Book Rapper

Book Rapper

Book Rapper is fuel for innovation. We take the best business books by the best business thinkers on the planet and rewrite them so you can digest the big ideas in 30 minutes. They’re like a book summary except we showcase the big ideas visually and add actions for you to implement. There are over 50 issues, they’ve been downloaded well over 100,000 times and syndicated by more than 15 organisations. To find out more head over to Book or Download some of these RAPs for free.

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Manifesto by Geoff McDonald


Manifestos are the key to creating your future. They define a new context. And, this allows you to take your results to a whole new level, cause change, upset the status quo, end what doesn’t work and spark new habits. In business, a manifesto can enhance your strategy, marketing, social media impact, productivity and branding. Plus, they help bring your ideas to life.

In this simple guide we offer:

For numerous examples, visit our project site:
Also download our specialist guide for business experts: The Expert Manifesto

Every New Product - Geoff McDonald

Every New Product

In our ever-changing complex world there are two essential tasks to maintain your business relevance: (1) know what’s going on, and (2) know what to create to stay ahead. Every New Product provides a framework to achieve both of these objectives. In particular, it offers seven Design Principles for creating new products and services based on core principles that drive computer and digital technology. This includes definitions, keywords, examples and innovation questions to spark your innovations and create new products.

Beyond the Electronic Drawing Board - Geoff McDonald

Beyond the Electronic Drawing Board

When the computer first arrived, most architects viewed it as simply an electronic drawing board that would speed things up a little and not much more. This book takes a very different view: that the computer will dramatically transform the entire construction industry including the architects’ role within it. It includes more than 30 fundamental new directions and opportunities for the future of architecture.

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Geoff McDonald - The Cuckoo

The Cuckoo

A story for children of all ages about standing up in life. Read it to spur yourself on or to inspire your children.

A Home-Office You Love by Geoff McDonald

A Home-Office You Love

Can you remember the first time you fell in love? Can you imagine “A Home-Office You Love”?

This practical workbook is written as a parable so it’s easy to read. It also includes challenging exercises that culminate in a “Home-Office Map” where you will define:

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