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Melanie Colling: Purpose Driven Projects

Melanie Colling: Connect and Grow Rich

Melanie Colling - Purpose Driven ProjectsMelanie Colling runs Purpose Driven Projects to help entrepreneurs grow their business through projects

Previously Mel had worked in the corporate world for over 20 years in various senior project management roles. She has also has run and sold an online wedding business.

Melanie Colling has recently returned from a seven-month stint in Bali working with the Entrepreneurs Institute founded by Roger James Hamilton.

In working with entrepreneurs, she finds that the execution phase is where many people struggle. In particular, who can help me? From this insight, Mel is now working to help connect entrepreneurs with the people they need to grow their business.

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Ideas Architect Podcast

In this episode (#104) of the Ideas Architect Podcast, Melanie Colling talks about:

  • What are the big differences between working in a corporate compared to working with entrepreneurs?
  • How Mel was able to overcome her resistance to ‘finding a niche’. And the key insight that lead her to focus on ‘building connections’.
  • Why we need to connect our purpose to our projects
  • What Seth Godin says about the ‘Connection Economy’ – why technology brings us together
  • How to form partnerships and joint ventures
  • Why working with other people can grow your business faster
  • Why entrepreneurs will change the world and governments won’t.
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Podcast Show Notes

Melanie Colling – Purpose Driven Projects

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