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Brett JarmanBrett Jarman

Brett Jarman from Help Me Leverage talks about two powerful ways to Expert Leverage so you can earn more and work less:

  1. Build systems to automate your actions; and
  2. Build teams to leverage your time.

Brett Jarman’s business helps high-value experts, produce, promote and monetize their content. His niche area is a business called Experts on Air which helps business experts to create content and repurpose it in multiple ways.

He shares his experience in business in automating tasks and working with teams of locals, virtual assistants (VA) and contractors.

Ideas Architect Podcast

Geoff McDonald and the Ideas Architect PodcastIn Episode 99 of the Ideas Architect Podcast Brett Jarman talks about:

  • How to overcome your natural resistance to specializing and creating a niche for your business
  • How to take the big step from doing it all yourself to leading a team and having others work for you
  • The downside of the Four Hour Work Week (download the Book Rapper version)
  • The big mistakes to avoid when working with Virtual Assistants (VA)
  • The power of working in 90-day sprints
  • The importance of systems for creating leverage, including the system of building systems…
  • Why you have to change to transform your business results
  • How your strengths shape what you do – and don’t do. Brett shares the influence of his Mechanic’s profile and how he personalized it
  • Lessons from learning to tie your shoelaces
  • The critical thing you need to know is to help you select the right people for your team. And, the big mistake to avoid. This will also help you manage them to get more done more easily.
  • The beauty of Content Marketing is to provide a steady supply of customer leads and business.
  • The crucial importance of refreshing your existing content to boost your Google search rankings. In other words, why quality, relevance and timeliness trump quantity.
  • How our craving for on-demand content is driving the rise of the podcast.
  • The number one reason why creating content is worth the effort
  • The ideal length for your podcast episode and your blog posts
  • The Minimum Viable Presence – what’s the minimum thing you need to be doing to stay on your client’s radar?

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Podcast Show Notes

Done – Why You Fail to Finish Your Projects

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