Geoff McDonald – The Ideas Architect

Geoff McDonald

Geoff McDonald: The Ideas Architect

In this special 100th episode we turn the tables as Suzanne Mercier interviews The Ideas Architect himself Geoff McDonald – we talk about podcasting, board games, Book Rapper, Project Passion and purpose.

The Ideas Architect Podcast

In Episode 100 of The Ideas Architect Podcast we discuss:

  • Why I created The Ideas Architect podcast and possibly why you should also start your own podcast show. This includes the simple benchmark for success that I set for myself.
  • The big realization I had about myself from interviewing other people. And, the big learning from practising presenting.
  • My background in Architecture and how that has shaped what I do today. I share why I left architecture and why I became the ‘Ideas Architect’ design ideas for clients.

Recent Projects

  • The tug-of-war conversation with myself lead to the birth of Book Rapper.
  • The event that inspired the birth of Manifesto. And, how it solved a problem I had working with my clients and why it’s crucial that we need to have an emotionally strong message.
  • Geoff McDonald and the Ideas Architect PodcastWhy did I leave architecture after studying for eight years and only practising for two years? The answer revolves around how to design a board game.
  • How Project Passion was created from a personal breakdown after buying a new laptop. And, the funny story of how someone who doesn’t finish all their projects came to create and lead a program to help others complete their projects.
  • How do you define success and why we need to keep coming back to this fundamental business and personal question?
  • What is the difference between Inner and Outer Goals? Plus, the four types of Inner Goals and why you need to include both types in your project design.
  • My fatal confession about clients and why you should think clearly about the type of clients you have and how you work with them.
  • Some big emerging trends that will shape leadership, corporate training and your future: neuroscience, habits, deliberate practise and deep work.

Podcast Show Notes

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