Suzanne Mercier, Unmask Performance

Are you not operating at your best? Not feeling good enough to fulfill you role? Or sabotaging your own success? It might be that you’re experiencing the Imposter Syndrome. In this podcast episode we talk to Australia’s expert in this area and how she has built her business around a leading edge idea.

Suzanne MercierAbout Suzanne Mercier

Suzanne Mercier is a behavioral change consultant with a strength in communications. She has more than 25 years experience across advertising, branding, marketing and business engagement.

Suzanne was the first female Board member of George Patterson Advertising. And, it is was in this role that she first encountered the Imposter Syndrome where we question our sense of self in the roles we play.

Suzanne helps organisations and individuals improve their performance as a speaker, facilitator, trainer, coach and consultant.

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Unmask Performance

We talk with Suzanne about:

  • The importance of picking the right market segment to offer your services. In particular, the challenge of working with leading edge ideas and the fit with the more conservative sectors of the market that include many of the large corporates.
  • Gender as a wicked problem that reflects the schemas of society, the rise and stall of women’s liberation, work-life balance, overcoming the status quo, going beyond unconscious bias and the limiting structures of organizational design.
  • The value of products, particularly books, for seeding future sales.
  • How and why Suzanne has rebranded her business from a portfolio of brands to sit under the single banner of ‘Suzanne Mercier’. And, the importance of being really clear about what type of business you are building.
  • The challenge of putting your key ideas and intellectual property into a coordinated whole. Suzanne shares her experience of creating a board game to achieve this.
  • The challenge of uncertainty and security for all of us. And, in particular the challenge for creatives who consistently work in the face of the unknown.
  • The challenge of running your own business. In particular, facing the uncertainty of cash flow, positioning yourself clearly and saying ‘no’ to opportunities that don’t fit. The key to this is to understanding yourself, knowing your personal strengths and accepting who you are.

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