Brett Jarman: Build a Business with Purpose

Ideas Architect Podcast

Brett Jarman, Author of Soul Operator.
Episode 027 of the Ideas Architect Podcast.

Brett Jarman is a small business expert who believes that purpose and enjoyment in business is the key to productivity and profit. Having worked in over 30 countries around the world in a number of roles and businesses, he brings a wealth of experience to his coaching work. Recently, he published his first book, Soul Operator: How to Be Your Own Boss and Build a Business with Purpose.

Our Topic: Brett Jarman, Build a Business with Purpose

We talk with Brett Jarman about how to build a business with purpose. And, his key learning about having a sense of direction in business rather than rigid plans that stifle creativity, productivity and enjoyment. Brett also shares the process he went through to write and publish on Amazon Kindle and Create Space.

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Brett Jarman
In this Podcast Episode

  • Are you making faulty Business Decisions because you’re avoiding things or trying to prove yourself?
  • Do you need Self Compassion in your business?
  • How to plan less and get more done
  • How to avoid a bad case of the ‘shoulds’
  • The problem with modelling yourself and your business based on someone else
  • How to find your own Self-Employment Code
  • Why your goals may be the problem
  • Why a sense of direction is way better than specific measurable and targeted goals
  • Why loose goals win
  • How to connect your actions with your purpose
  • The key to finding your purpose – and it’s not about doing a specific thing
  • What does it mean to ‘be purposeful’?
  • How Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google
  • Why it’s okay to follow your nose and make stuff up!
  • The limits of business plans
  • Why Kindle is a great place to publish your book
  • The trick to writing a book in 3 weeks
  • The major health reason for needing a stand-up desk, plus how it boosts your productivity and your self-expression
  • How to translate a Kindle book into a Create Space paperback
  • The importance of having a manifesto as a beacon for your business
  • The most powerful way to promote your book via Amazon

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