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Tim GrahamTim Graham: Integrity Group Fitness

Tim Graham runs a group fitness centre in Ballarat, Victoria called Integrity Group Fitness.

Traditionally, gyms and the fitness industry have focused on short-term results through boot camps and weight loss. This view shapes how fitness centres promote their service. And it is best demonstrated by the TV show The Biggest Loser.

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t work for the customer. In most cases, they return to their unhealthy habits and being overweight again.

Tim Graham talks about how he is building a different approach to exercise and building his business.

This reflects Tim’s own journey in the fitness industry. He began focusing on the usual high-energy exercises such as cycling and pump classes. Since then he has begun to include lower energy forms such as yoga, pilates and walking groups. He talks about this contrast as ‘force’ and ‘flow’.

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Whilst you might expect that this episode (#103) of the Ideas Architect Podcast is all about getting fit, you’d be mistaken. Instead, Tim Graham provides some clues to building fitness in any business. We talk about:

The key to motivation

Tim talks about motivation including the balance between Force and Flow. The typical force view focuses on forcing results and pushing yourself to your limit.

Whilst useful, to only focus on this type of exercise merely reflects the common disconnect between our body and our mind.

In contrast, Tim discusses the gentler approach of yoga and pilates which promote calm and flow.


Tim shares his thoughts on walking and why it is underrated as a healthy fitness choice – particularly when you’re just getting started. It’s convenient, free, great for recovery, and contemplation and can be a high energy pursuit too.

How to stand out from a crowd of similar competitors

Tim’s business Integrity Group Fitness competes against a host of other fitness centres in Ballarat. He shares his strategies for building difference and novelty into his business approach – including doing fitness training to classical music and doing a rooftop bike ride.

The importance of the environment in creating a shared experience

Tim uses music, lighting and social groups to enable people to shift their perception of their workout to boost their effort and enjoyment. Further, he shares his aim to build a community and a social outlet for people around the common goal of ‘keeping fit’.

Optimize your fitness by balancing force and flow – with Tim Graham

How to build a business community

Fitness centres traditionally are positioned as ‘clubs’ with ‘memberships’. However, this is more of a marketing term than a sincere effort to build connections. Tim shares his thoughts about his efforts in building a tight-knit community.

The challenge of building a fitness habit and the connection to a loyal customer base

Like all businesses, the key to success for fitness centres is to have people achieve results and fulfil their goals. Tim shares his approach around balancing ‘force’ and ‘flow’ to avoid exercise burnout and ensure his customers stick around long enough to achieve their fitness objectives.

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