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Best Books 2016

Best Books 2016 - Book of the Year

Download: Book of the Year 2016

I love learning. And, I love to learn by reading books. Each year I aim to read 50 books – that’s one book each week. And, I’m pleased to say this year I made it!

Through Book Rapper, I am known for my book nerd qualities and often people ask me to suggest something for them to read.

To make this easier for you and me, I’ve compiled a list of all the books that I’ve read this year – Best Books 2016.

Plus, I’ve put a comment next to each one in our ebook: Book of the Year 2016.

The ebook shares all 50 books I’ve read, plus a Top Ten and a Book of the Year

In this podcast episode, we’re simply sharing our Top Ten Best Books 2016.

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Ideas Architect PodcastWhat I read

I read a little randomly. I tend to simply pick books that spark my interest. They’re all non-fiction books and most are business related. Some are best-sellers, some not. Some are hot off the presses, whilst most are older. Some I enjoy, some I don’t.

Two Qualities

To make our list the book had to have two qualities:

  1. A Big Idea – something that rocks your world and changes how we think
  2. Inspiring – it opens up an opportunity for me that I hadn’t previously considered.

Best Books 2016

Our Top Ten Best Books 2016 include:

  • A best seller on endurance running
  • Two books on how to learn world-class skills
  • A story-telling book that is goes way beyond Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey
  • The best book I’ve read on creating presentations
  • A brilliant book on how to write shorter and sharper
  • A book that presents a contemporary take on a 3000 year old philosophy
  • An underground hit that shows why most projects fail and what to do instead. We’ve redesigned Project Passion around this big idea.
  • The secret weapon I’ve been using to stay focused with less effort.
  • And Book of the Year provides the best career advice you’ll ever get.

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