Seven Rules of Project Passion

Ideas Architect PodcastProject Passion – The Seven Rules

We all have big ideas every now and then. But, most of them are wasted because we do nothing about them or we fail to finish building them.

This can cost us time, money, effort, reputation and the difference we could be making. Plus, there is an emotional cost. In the short term this can dampen our enthusiasm and confidence. And, in the longer term we can rue our missed opportunities.

I know this feeling well because over the years I’ve failed badly in finishing my projects. Whilst I’ve written and published six books – which is pretty spectacular – I’ve also failed to finish more than 25 other books that I’ve started.

Project PassionIn this episode of the Ideas Architect Podcast (#89), Geoff McDonald will be sharing his Seven Rules to Bring Your Ideas to Life. These are the rules that underpin the coaching program Project Passion and the soon to be released book of the same name.

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This podcast episode is edited version of our recent webinar. In it we cover:

  • How to create your future without a genie – The Future Wedge
  • How to create an Idea Projectile
  • The importance of creating projects and how they are different from continuous work
  • Why we need to plan and planning is not enough
  • The lesson from medical triage we can apply to our projects
  • Why fixing problems is broken.
  • The importance of building habits
  • Why the environment we work in is more important that we realize
  • Why inner goals are better than outer goals
  • Why sequential planning fails and Steve Jobs was right

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