Andrew Melville – The Weave

Andrew Melville - photo by Robin SmithAndrew Melville is an Auckland based communications expert. He is a master storyteller and facilitator who has worked as a journalist, radio broadcaster, University lecturer and community leader. His life’s work has been all about bringing people together through clear communication, stories and working with the specific and unique aspects of culture.

Andrew Melville Podcast Interview

In this episode of the Ideas Architect Podcast, we talk with Andrew about his new book: The Weave – The Surprising Unity in Difference.

We start with the role of weaving across cultures including the Hindu, Maori and Balinese. This leads us to explore the power of metaphor as a way to explain life and the universe. Through his deep knowledge and wisdom Andrew takes us on a journey from Aristotle through his unique direct experience with both European and Maori cultures in New Zealand.

Andrew Melville - The Weave BookAndrew shares his thoughts on the importance of balancing the rights and needs of both the individual and the groups we belong to. This includes creating a powerful vision for personal use, in organisations and in community groups. And, how we can use stories to bring people together and connect to our vision, our values and the things we are committed to.

We also consider the role of leaders and the challenge of making complex things more tangible. Andrew makes some interesting observations about the impact on government from relying on a popular vote versus consensus and our adversary based political systems.

This is a compelling conversation that tackles some of the big issues of our time and presents a simple way forward through the use of the metaphor of ‘the weave’. Andrew also talks about the importance of story through history and how this is morphing and changing as we adopt new technology.

Transparency: Andrew commissioned me to work with him to help create his book, including the design and layout.

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