Cult Following – Attract a Flood of Referrals

Cult Following

Brands are the new Religion and building a cult following is the key to attracting a flood of referrals.
Welcome to Episode 011 of the Ideas Architect Podcast.

Our Topic: Cult Following

Geoff McDonald shares his ideas about how to attract a cult following and build a brand built on referrals. This episode covers one of the topics that I’m most requested to present on. It includes key distinctions and practical examples that you can implement today.

Ideas Architect Podcast

In this Podcast Episode…

Geoff talks about:

  • Are you a member of a Cult? Are you sure?
  • What do your favourite things say about you?
  • The difference between a Cult and ‘Cult-like’
  • The Four Levels of a Cult-Like Following
  • Why Brands are the New Religion
  • The rise of Community Marketing
  • The Three Elements of a Cult
  • The Cult Paradox and why cults work differently to how you might think
  • Why you need a Manifesto
  • The glue you need to bind your community together
  • One thing that might be better than a strong leader in your organisation
  • Why having your customers talk to each other is good for business
  • Why buying eggs is an important buying decision
  • The five keys to building a Cult Following
  • Why you should have an Army Boot Camp for your business
  • Why and what you should be teaching your customers
  • The easiest way to build referrals in your business
  • Why it’s good for Collingwood that most people barrack against them
  • Five ways to make your brand more exclusive
  • The single biggest thing that will stop you from having a cult following

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