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When You Are Your Business – Podcast

Ideas Architect PodcastRecently we wrote about the gap in the conversation for running a business. Most of the publications focus on large organisations and team. And even if they do discuss small business, it’s often based on simply scaling down big business.

In our earlier two-part blog post we shared seven rules for ‘When You Are Your Business’. This was a really popular pair of posts that sparked a number of comments. So, today, I thought I’d share them as a single podcast episode in the Ideas Architect series.

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Seven Rules for When You Are Your Business

  1. To Grow Your Business You Must Grow
  2. Your are your brand
  3. When you have a bad day your business has a bad day
  4. Your business lives in your head
  5. There is no privacy
  6. The people you hang out with today is your business tomorrow
  7. It’s not your work, it’s your life

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