Zoe Freeman – Digital Marketing Strategy

Zoe Freeman - Digital Marketing StrategyWhat are the phases that the web has passed through and where are we going next?

Zoe Freeman

This is the gist of the conversation we have with Digital Marketing and Strategy Consultant Zoe Freeman.

Zoe’s career has passed through four stages of digital media and currently she is working with a number of clients on their digital strategy. She is also fuelling her entrepreneurial spirit as part of a startup due to launch in September.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Here are some of the things we discuss in this episode #82 of the Ideas Architect podcast:

  • Are you a Digital Native or Digital Colonialist?
  • The four eras of digital media
  • Digital Bubbles and why they burst
  • How many job interviews it takes to get a job at Google
  • The Google Algorithm and how search works
  • The importance of being a good website – and the rise of thought leadership
  • Why the basic marketing principles of business still apply
  • Why social media challenged the core of every business
  • How Facebook’s Filter Bubble makes you invisible to your friends
  • Why Big Data won’t save the world and it will tell you where to spend your money
  • What Content Marketing has in common with soap operas
  • Will you need a Wearable Digital Strategy next?
  • How the time to design a websites has gone from days to hours
  • Why ‘digital’ will disappear

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