Book Review: Infinite Possibilities by Pine and Korn

How to use Digital Technology to Create Unique Customer Experiences

Derived from Joseph Pine and Kim Korn’s book Infinite Possibility.

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Book Summary and Review: Infinite Possibility

The Book

This Book Rapper summary is derived from Joseph Pine and Kim Korn; Infinite Possibility

The Big Idea 

Explorers charted the physical world. Now, the great opportunity is not to explore, it’s to create. Design new worlds that are a fusion of the physical and the real, with the digital and the virtual. 

Speed RAP 

It’s no longer enough to have a great product or service. It’s the total experience that matters. And, with the help of digital technology the depth and range of possible experiences just became infinite. Blend the virtual with the real to create deeper and richer customer value in ways that your competitors cannot copy. 

Your Challenge

Roll up your sleeves, slip on your play hat and start exploring the edges of experience! It’s time to create a third place – a fusion of the real and virtual worlds. This is the key to enriching the value you provide to your customers. 

The Authors

  • Joseph Pine co-authored the seminal text, The Experience Economy with James Gilmore. This books extends that reference into the digital and virtual world.
  • Kim Korn is a management theorist, innovator, educator, and advisor. He formerly worked with Accenture.


  • A deep conceptual framework for conceiving new digital and physical combinations.
  • Filled with examples of every day and the bleeding edge.
  • Provides solid methods to use the framework to design your experiences.


  • An over the horizon view at the future – in business and in our daily lives
  • COncepts that will form the basis of experience design for years to come

Who It’s For

It’s for visionaries willing to consider what the future looks like and with the willingness to start creating it today.

Book Rapper Says…

This is a tough read. It contains lots of complex language describing a gold mine of potential opportunities and futures we can just start to imagine. It’s a framework for the next 20 years of business design. Worth the effort.

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