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Ideas Architect PodcastSimple Strategy sounds obvious. But, most strategy is not strategic. That’s the view of world strategy expert Richard Rumelt in his bestselling book Good Strategy, Bad Strategy. At best most strategic is merely a good plan – whilst this might be useful it might also undermine your chances of success if you believe is strategic.

In this episode of the Ideas Architect Podcast, we share the Book Rapper version of Rumelt’s book. We look at the difference between good and bad strategies. Plus, you can use these ideas to define your unique business advantage and how you can profit from it.

Simple Strategy Book Summary

The Book 

Richard Rumelt; Good Strategy, Bad Strategy

The Big Idea

Strategy is about making the most of your resources in dealing with your current situation. Yet, most strategy is not strategic. It’s a good plan at best. And, ultimately, this undermines your organisation’s chance of success. 


A bad strategy is a loose plan based on fluffy buzzwords, financial goals and lots of hope, all intended to hide a lack of clear thinking. Good strategy diagnoses the challenge you face, defines guiding principles to steer you forward and provides a coordinated set of actions to implement. 

Your Challenge 

Ready to make the most of what you’ve got? It’s time to sit down and think, ask some hard questions and face the truth. Use this RAP to define your unique business advantage and how you’re going to profit from it. 

Who is this book for?

This book is for leaders – of any sized organisation – willing to confront the hard work needed to create good strategy and produce great results. It’s not for those wanting a quick fix or a dodgy plan.

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  • Book Rapper – if you want the written and video version of this book

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