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The Business Model Manifesto
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Why do we need a Business Model Manifesto?

The Business Model Manifesto reflects one of the most important things in business right now. The right business model can let you make money more quickly and more easily. The wrong business model can slow your progress and make you work harder than you need to. What is a business model? (Wikipedia)

A business model is like the skeleton or frame of a building. It provides structure, form and organisation. It also holds everything together in a strategic whole.

Every business has a business model. Traditionally, this didn’t matter a lot because there were a handful of general categories. For instance, retail, wholesale, direct selling and network marketing. But now, mostly driven by the Internet and digital technology the range of options has multiplied enormously. Plus, with global competition and the rise of startups, having the right or wrong business model can make or break an organisation.

Further, to grow your organisation and to avoid disruption, being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your business model is a crucial part of leading an organisation or business.

In this, the 83rd episode of Ideas Architect we share The Business Model Manifesto to explain what business models are and why they are important. One of the most important ideas is to remember that every business has one – just like a belly button. This includes solo entrepreneurs right through to the biggest corporate and social organisations. What’s the business model of your business? And does it need a tweak or an update?

The Business Model Manifesto

  1. Business Models are like belly buttons
  2. Business Models are as old as business
  3. All Business Models have fresh importance
  4. Business Models are your second biggest business decision
  5. Value is everything
  6. Your customer is your context
  7. The best fit wins
  8. Business Models are like skinning a cat
  9. Be like water
  10. Disrupt yourself!

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