Corrinne Armour: Fearless Leadership

Corrinne Armour, Fearless LeadershipIn this episode of the Ideas Architect Podcast, we’re talking with Corrinne Armour about Fearless Leadership. Corrinne is in the business of helping leaders get out of their own way. And, she is on the warpath against wasted potential. This includes the waste of time energy and resources within organisation, it’s also about the wasted lives of the individual.

Corrinne has recently published her third book (spectacular achievement): Developing Direct Reports – Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders. It was co-written with Belinda Cohen and Anneli Blundell (even more spectacular).

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Corrinne Armour Podcast Interview

In this podcast episode we talk to Corrinne about:

  • Why do we continue to have such poor results in the areas of engagement, change and leadership within organisations?
  • The cost of our short-term focus as practiced in politics, in boardrooms and by individuals. And, how this creates short-term leadership. Are you addressing the immediate challenges or building the leaders of tomorrow?
  • What do we mean by Fearless Leadership? Clue: It’s not about not having fear…
  • What are the key challenges and things that derail leadership? Corrinne’s book outlines 12 classic things that derail leadership, including:
    • Analysis Paralysis
    • Can’t delegate
    • Micromanagers
    • People Burners
  • Corrinne discusses the example of a ‘fence sitter’. What are they saying by their actions? How are they viewing the situation? How are others viewing her behaviours and lack of decision-making? What’s the real problem? What’s the real cause?
  • How to write a book with two other collaborators?
  • And, we also talk about the First Follower – see the You Tube video below…

Show Links

  • Corrinne Armour website – a great example of a thought leader in action with a wide array of resources including her books and white papers
  • Marshal Goldsmith, author of Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

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