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Geoff McDonald and the Ideas Architect PodcastHow do you find your passion in life? Yenny Stromgren found hers by accident.

Yenny Stromgren Podcast Interview

A Swede living in Australia. Yenny Stromgren originally came Down Under to pursue her photography career. And, has recently made the shift from visuals to audio through her Everyday Light Warriors podcast which is growing a healthy audience.

In this Ideas Architect podcast interview, Yenny shares how her accidental step into podcasting has become a passion. Ironically, her podcast began when she started interviewing people for a photo exhibition she was working on. And, this became more intriguing and interesting that it has now taken over as the love of her life. Today she enjoys talking with people about the challenge they have faced and overcome in their lives. I was lucky enough to be Yenny’s second episode talking about my own battles over the past few years.

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Also, Yenny shares steps she is taking to earn money from connecting and helping people through her audio program, or should I say… personal radio station.

Yenny shares a lot of the tools she uses to create her podcast (see the show links below) plus also talk about land paddling… She also discusses the big mistake she made that slowed down her progress. Plus, we talk about how to monetize your podcast.

PS: Yenny took the photos of me on my bio and home page… not the pixellated ones…

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