Jon Yeo: Presenting and Speaking TEDx

Jon Yeo

Jon YeoJon Yeo is an Executive Speaking Coach who has worked with over a thousand people to communicate a more powerful and influential message.

He is the curator and license holder of TEDx Melbourne, which has created some of the best speaker based events in Australia. At the 2016 event around 1500 people attended.

Jon is also a former President of the Professional Speakers Association for the state of Victoria, plus a past National President.

Further, Jon is also an accomplished presenter who has on the international stage, consulted with multi-national corporations and has been featured in a wide range of well-known media outlets.

This is our second interview with Jon. Previously we spoke with him about turning your passion into a profitable purpose.

In this Podcast Episode…

In Episode 94 of the Ideas Architect Podcast, we talk with Jon Yeo about speaking, the speaking industry and how to communicate like a TEDx speaker.

Some of the things you will learn from this episode:

  • What is TED? And TEDx?
  • Jon’s Favorite TEDx talks
  • What makes an idea worth spreading?
  • The crucial balance between relevance and engagement in your presentations
  • Why TED favours 18-minute presentations
  • The story of the Nigerian gun runner – why content is not enough
  • The power of context – why should people listen to you?
  • The reason for the tipping point for Trump and Brexit and the upside from this
  • “Everyone has a story”
  • The importance of understanding and revealing your key message
  • What Warren Buffet said about the value of public speaking as a career skill
  • The critical skill of a master communicator – and it’s not the words you say
  • Why public speaking is the worst way to communicate information – and what to do instead
  • The biggest shift between speaking 20 years ago and today

Podcast Show Notes

Jon Yeo – Turn Your Passion into a Profitable Purpose

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