Wes Towers: Five Website Trends for 2017

Wes TowersWes Towers

Wes Towers is the principal of Omnific Design, a website design and development company based in Melbourne, Australia. They love to work with underperforming existing websites to improve their ability to generate leads and boost sales.

In this Podcast Episode…

In Episode 95 of the Ideas Architect Podcast we talk with Wes Towers about five website trends for 2017.

Previously, on our podcast we spoke to Wes about Website Marketing. Today, we’re talking with Wes about five website trends for 2017.

As part of Omnific Design’s website services, they offer a free website review. This has allowed Wes to review hundreds of sites and it’s this experience that has shaped his recognition of these five website trends.

Some of the things you will learn from this episode:

  • The big shift that Google and their Chrome website browser is driving – Is your website secure?
  • What does the flood of mobile viewers of your website mean for your website design? It is likely that you are currently receiving more traffic to your website from mobile devices than computer desktops.
  • What length of content should you be providing? Where is the place for longer content?
  • How searching on mobile is different for young people versus older viewers
  • Why you should answer questions in your content
  • The big shift in how you can create your website. What is the future for DIY solutions? And, for web designers?
  • Why the right website solution is all about timing
  • The next great optimization zone: What to focus on when once your SEO is in place
  • What is Split Testing and how you might use this to boost your conversion rates
  • The power of offering a free review for your customers and clients

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