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In my experience working with clients and business coaching, I find they usually know what they want. The big three are:

  1. More clients and more money
  2. Get more done in less time
  3. Create something new and wonderful

Whilst these are all desirable things for any business, we risk failing when we pursue them for the wrong reason.

If all we’re trying to do is fix a current problem our interest, motivation and efforts will be short-lived. We might solve our problem in the short term and it’s more than likely to come back sometime soon after. For business coaching, this is a big fail.

A classic example of this is the boom and bust cycle of small businesses. We go on a marketing drive to attract new clients, get really busy servicing them and then look up one day to find all the work has dried up. Then we repeat the process. Drought, flood, drought…

The solution is not to fix our problems; it’s to transform them so they no longer happen.

An important reference for this idea comes from the book The Three Laws of Performance by Dave Logan and Steve Zaffron – which we did a book summary of as Frog Power at Book Rapper.

Geoff McDonald and the Ideas Architect PodcastThis Podcast Episode

In Episode 96 of the Ideas Architect Podcast, we have the fourth chapter and second of the seven rules from my book Project Passion.

Some of the things you will learn from this episode include:

  • How to identify your most important business challenge
  • When to pursue and Quick Fix – and when not to
  • The principle of the English Renovation and Business Coaching
  • The difference between Content and Context
  • How I created Project Passion
  • How to transform your most important business challenge

Podcast Show Notes

Project Passion Book Introduction

Project Passion Introduction Part 2

3 Project Passion #3 How not to Plan Your Project

Seven Rules of Project Passion

Project Passion

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