Project Passion Introduction Part 2

Project Passion and How to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Project Passion focuses on how to bring your ideas to life. But how do you do that? If only it was as easy as going to Mcdonald’s and putting in an order… This would guarantee a quick response and only cost a few bucks. Plus you’d know exactly what you are getting regardless of where you shop.

Unfortunately, birthing our ideas is a less predictable process. We don’t know how long it will take, how much it will cost and often even how to make it all happen.

One thing is certain though. If we simply stick to our same old same old way of doing things it isn’t going to happen. More of the usual stuff is not going to bring about anything new and interesting.

Instead, we need to create a project – with a distinct focus to bring it to life.

Projects have a distinct structure. They usually have a specific start and end date, plus a particular result that you want to achieve.

There are two types of work and only one them is for innovation.

Project Passion - Project Planning

Project Passion Book

Geoff McDonald and the Ideas Architect PodcastToday, in Episode 92 of the Ideas Architect Podcast we have the second chapter and part two of the introduction from my book Project Passion. It’s all about how to bring your ideas to life.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • The connection between missiles and bring your ideas to life
  • The two types of work include the one to use to create your next big thing. This comes from the work of Roger Martin and his book The Design of Business.
  • The seven key elements of a project
  • Rate yourself on how well you perform on completing your projects
  • The usual approach to project planning and why it doesn’t work
  • Personal bias and how it shapes whether we get things done or not

Project Passion Book and Podcast Episodes

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