Irma Zimmermann: Online Branding

Irma Zimmermann
Irma Zimmermann

In this episode of the Ideas Architect podcast we talk with Irma Zimmerman. Irma has international experience in graphic design, advertising and creating brand identities. Currently she is based in Melbourne and works around the three overlapping areas of:

  1. Design websites
  2. Social media technology
  3. Brand Identity

Topic: Website and Online Branding

Ideas Architect Podcast

Here are some of the things we discuss with Irma:

  • How technology has changed design
  • The emergence of new jobs and careers through new technology
  • What makes a great brand
  • The role of story telling in building your brand
  • The essential elements of a good business website
  • Why having a mobile responsive website is crucial for SEO
  • Google’s latest algorithm update
  • How smartphones have become a global communication tool
  • The importance of using different social media platforms for different tasks
  • Why Twitter is a great online platform
  • The online platform to use if you have products
  • How to choose the right online platform for you
  • Why inspiration trumps information
  • The importance of being consistent with publishing your content
  • Why you should collaborate with complementary businesses
  • The continuing importance of both online and offline media
  • The Five Cs that underpin your online design and strategy
  • The importance of using imagery and goldfish

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