Nadine Parkington: Digital Strategy

In Episode 70 of the Ideas Architect Podcast we talk with Nadine Parkington about creating digital marketing strategy in the face of dramatic technological change and disruption from global competition.

Nadine Parkington

Nadine Parkington - Think NimbleNadine Parkington is the Founder of Think Nimble who provides digital marketing strategy for established brands. Her core philosophy revolves around the use of combining technology, communications and data to help business leaders make informed decisions.

The Think Nimble approach centres on imparting knowledge about technology and how it is driving changes in customer behavior. And, as a result, how organizations should adapt their strategy to give themselves the best chance of future success.

Nadine’s work is based on education, facilitation and coaching. She has pinpointed the challenge for leaders who need to know what is happening in the marketplace whilst at the same time dealing with uncertainty of not having all the answers.

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Topic: Digital Strategy

Here are some of the things we discuss with Nadine Parkington:

  • Why digital transformation needs to be a holistic strategic and not a bolt-on after-thought
  • The challenge of overcoming the usual divisions of marketing, IT etc
  • The power of vulnerability as a key to innovation
  • How traditional education strangles collaboration
  • The biggest frustration for intrapreneurs and consultants
  • The mismatch of technology between your personal life and within organisations
  • The need to think outside your immediate tasks to consider what’s happening in the world
  • Why it’s essential to create common ground and common language to discuss technological change
  • The three areas of knowledge that we all need
  • The crux of the problem of innovation and strategy: Leadership
  • How to balance the need for certainty, measurement and targets in a world of uncertainty and constant change
  • Why behavioural shifts are the key to everything
  • The importance of knowing what’s going on to make informed decisions
  • The relevance of the Makers Movement in changing the whole cycle of innovation and taking products to market
  • How having first-hand experience of new technology changes everything

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