Mark Molony – Mighty Mindfulness

In Episode 71 of the Ideas Architect Podcast we talk with Mark Molony about mindfulness and it’s usefulness to help you lead the way in life and at work.

Mark Molony

Mark Molony - Mighty MindfulnessMark Molony has worked with thousands of people from many different walks of life to help them learn and deal with life and work. He originally trained in social work and now runs his own private practice.

He works across three field:

  1. Mental Health – helping people with depression, anxiety, grief, etc
  2. Ontological Coaching – work one on one or with small teams in Government and Corporate Organisations
  3. Mindfulness – running programs in Australia and the US and with business leaders.

Mark balances all of this as Mr Mom for his family of five children.

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Topic: Mighty Mindfulness

We talk with Mark Molony about the following:

  • What does Ontology mean?
  • Why Observing yourself is the key to managing our emotional challenges
  • The essential nature of curiosity
  • Why Neuro-plasticity and Neuro-genesis is the great opportunity of our time
  • Can we change?
  • The one thing you need to be accountable for
  • How long it takes to embed a habit and rewire your brain
  • How I created a habit of meditating daily every day for over a year
  • The awesome power of aligning intention and attention
  • How the practice of meditation can spill over into other areas of your life
  • The origin of the Cultivating Emotional Balance program
  • Why the Mindful Living Program might be the place to start for your mindfulness and meditation practice
  • Why has mindfulness or mind training has become popular again?
  • How can you can use mindfulness to impact organizational and worldwide problems
  • The difference between Meditation and Mindfulness and why you need both of them
  • What’s the Natural State?
  • Why happiness is a spinoff of mindfulness
  • The power of walking to spark creativity and manage your mood
  • How to transform the results from your next business meeting
  • Two simple things you can do every day to transform your mood and your life

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