Andrew O’Brien: How to Build a Lifestyle Business

Ideas Architect PodcastAndrew O’Brien talks about how he went from running as a hobby to turning it into a global lifestyle business. This is episode 025 of the Ideas Architect Podcast.

Our Topic: How to Build A Global Lifestyle Business

Today we’re talking about how to run a global business – literally. In particular how a couple have turned their passion for running into a profitable lifestyle business where they are paid to run and travel around the world

We’re talking with Andrew O’Brien. He is one half of the Couple on the Run and Partnerunning with his wife Sue.

Their story is how an overweight smoker recovering from chronic fatigue built a global running business with his wife, an Australian representative in triathlon. It’s a great example of how you can apply business thinking to almost anything you might be interested in to create a profitable lifestyle business.

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Their best selling book Couple on the Run is about running eight marathons in eight weeks in eight different countries as a couple. I’m not sure which is the hard part there… running the marathons or running as a couple. They have now run over 100 marathons together – amazing!

Partnerunning is now growing as a powerful running community. It’s centred on a podcast/radio show that is downloaded over 30,000 times a month.

Andrew and Sue O'Brien: Couple on the Run - Lifestyle Business In this Podcast Episode

  • How to build a lifestyle business
  • The key to finding out what your customers really want
  • The basic principle of how to build a community around your idea
  • The big problem with being one-dimensional in your life or career
  • The myth and secret of how one of the world’s great athletes trained to break world records
  • The magic ingredient that lets your work address personal and organisational needs
  • Why your book should be based on something you’ve achieved
  • How to create a media profile where people call to interview you
  • The secret to their steady business growth
  • The power of guarantees and why you need to publicly stand behind your product
  • Why making a public commitment could be the key to getting things done
  • How to use social media to rapidly multiply your audience

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