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Carolyn Tate – The Purpose Project

Carolyn Tate - The Purpose Project

Carolyn Tate – The Purpose Project

Carolyn Tate is an author, educator and community builder. She has written five books with her latest being The Purpose Project. (Her purpose is to write books that truly matter.) She is also an educator running workshops and speaking to groups about how to bring purpose to work and at home as an antidote to some of the world’s woes. Carolyn Tate is also the founder of the Slow School of Business.

Ideas Architect PodcastIdeas Architect Podcast

In this episode (#108) of the Ideas Architect Podcast, we talk with author Carolyn Tate about her journey from corporate marketer, running her own marketing practice through her loss of faith in marketing. She then took a circuit-breaker and a sojourn in France to work out her next move.

How to Write your Book

Carolyn Tate talks us through her varied experience in writing her books and how each of her five books was written in very different ways. For one book she hibernated for four days in a country cabin, another was six weeks of slog each day, her third book was written a little bit each day over five months and her last two books were written in a mix of blitz and daily action.

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The Importance of Purpose

Why is purpose such a hot topic right now? Carolyn suggests it because we can no longer rely on our leaders – corporate and political – to do what’s best for the majority of people. Thus we’re taking our own lives into our own hands and being responsible for what happens. It’s a message that is for individuals and organisations and a shift from profit and performance to meaning.

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Are Passion and Purpose the same thing?

Carolyn shares her thoughts on Passion versus Purpose using a personal example. She suggests that purpose is that thing that we know we just have to do. For her, it’s writing her books. It’s the think you cannot not do and that’s always calling your name.

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How do we find our Purpose?

The big question we all want to know is: How do we find our purpose? Carolyn suggests that we need curiosity to lead to our purpose. Too little curiosity turns us into a spectator in life. Whereas too much leaves us in danger of being constant distraction and skimming the surface of many things. Ultimately, we need to be growing and learning to find our purpose

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Podcast Show Notes

Contact Carolyn Tate

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Resources We Mentioned

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Carolyn Tate and her books

  1. Small Business, Big Brand
  2. Marketing Your Small Business for Dummies
  3. Unstuck in Provence
  4. Conscious Marketing
  5. The Purpose Project

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