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Project Passion

Project Passion

One of the big ideas in Project Passion is borrowed from the work of Scrum and the Lean Startup: the MVP.

This is to overcome one of the big mistakes many of us make in our projects is to pursue perfection. We naturally start our projects with the view of the perfect result that we will have when we are done. That’s fine if that inspires you. It’s not fine if it stops or slows your progress if you’re pursuing perfection.

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Ideas Architect Podcast

Geoff McDonald and the Ideas Architect PodcastIn Episode 109 of the Ideas Architect Podcast we have the seventh chapter and sixth of the Seven Rules of Done from my book Done.

Some of the things you will learn from this episode include:

  • Steve Jobs once said: Real Artists Ship. In other words, if you don’t publish your work, you’re only a want-to-be artist, author or entrepreneur. To ‘ship’ we need to overcome our perfection streak.
  • Seth Godin in his book The Dip points to that moment in every project when it all seems too hard and we want to quit. We share how to get through The Dip.
  • The traditional way we plan our projects is called The Waterfall Method. Essentially we follow a step-by-step sequence for getting things done. Whilst this might have worked in the past, it has some serious flaws. We discuss why you need to stop using Gantt charts.
  • Jeff Sutherland, the creator of the Scrum method, talks about how to deliver projects faster with less people and under budget.
  • The fundamental presumption behind every single project plan that was ever created. And how you can use this to your advantage.
  • The two types of product creation – one creates boring but popular products, the other creates exciting but risky products. We discuss a third choice that aims to find out what your customers really want – and not what they think they want.
  • The four types of Minimum Viable Products (MVP) that you can use to test your idea and gain feedback from real customers. Plus, how I used these principles to create Project Passion.

Steve Job said ‘Real Artists Ship’ use it to overcome your perfection gene

Podcast Show Notes

Project Passion Book Introduction

Project Passion Introduction Part 2

Project Passion Book Introduction

Project Passion Introduction Part 2

Project Passion #3 How not to Plan Your Project

Business Coaching: Don’t Fix Problems

Inner Goals Over Outer Goals

Seven Rules of Project Passion

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