12 Essential Tools I Use in my Business

Essential ToolsWhat are the essential tools you use in your business? In this short, sharp Ideas Architect podcast, here’s the top 12 essential tools I use in my business. These are the tools, software and apps that I use and recommend 100%. There are others tools I use and can’t vouch for as solidly. Also, to confirm I receive no kickbacks, affiliate income from sharing these tools.

Feel free to share your essential tools in the comments below.

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(Edited and updated November 2021 – comments in brackets below show what I’m still using)

1 Apple – Hardware
(Still an Apple fan. Currently using a 2019 13 Inch MacBook Pro, an iPhone 6s Plus and a the generation iPad with Apple Pencil. (I take notes with Notability).)

2 Dropbox – Cloud Backup
(Still using Dropbox. It mostly works well, although I do have some issues when it duplicates my videos and clogs up my hard drive.)

3 Amazon S3 – Cloud Storage
(Still using – less frequently. More files now stored on Dropbox.)

4 Transmit – FTP for Mac
(Haven’t had to use this for years now.)

5 WordPress – Website/Content Management System (CMS)
(Yep, all of my sites (6 of them) are still on WordPress. I find it keeps getting better, especially from a design perspective.)

Ideas Architect Podcast6 WD3 – White Dog Green Frog – Web Hosting
(I haven’t changed hosting and WD3 have since been bought out by Micron 21.)

7 InDesign – Page Layout Software
Still using InDesign. Although I also use Apple Keynote for simpler graphic tasks.)

8 Skype and Call Recorder – For Podcast Recordings
(Haven’t used Skype and Call Recorder for a long time. Partly because I haven’t been podcasting. Plus, I’ve been using Xoom for video calls for the past few years.)

9 Garageband – Podcast Editing (Also Audacity)
(Again, haven’t been editing podcasts for a while. My video editing software is: VN vlog now software – and I love it – such a great tool with such and easy to use interface.)

10 Zoom H2N – Voice Recorder and iQ5 – for iPhone
(Still have it. Don’t use it so much now that I’m doing video not podcasting. I bought a Canon G7X powershot camera for vlogging.)

11 Things – Checklist App for Mac
(Don’t really use this anymore. The upgrade was too expensive for what I was using it for.)

12 Commit – App for Building Daily Habits
(Haven’t used this for a long while either.)

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