Marketing Partnerships with Simone Novello

Marketing Partnerships are when two organisations work together to achieve a marketing goal. Today we talk with Marketing Partnership expert Simone Novello from PartnerUp.

This is Episode 20 of the Ideas Architect Podcast.

Simone Novello, PartnerUpOur Topic: Marketing Partnerships

Why find 1000 customers when you can find 1 person who already has 1000 customers. That’s the fundamental reason for doing Marketing Partnerships. And, that sound’s very appealing!

Simone Novello has been involved in Marketing Partnerships and Strategic Alliances for over 20 years in a number of corporate and organisational roles. Whilst she continues to create partnerships she has also begun offering her expertise to small business clients through PartnerUp.

In this Podcast Episode…

  • Ideas Architect PodcastWhy Marketing Partnerships could be your new secret weapon
  • The difference between a ‘Joint Venture’, a ’Strategic Alliance’ and a ‘Marketing Partnership’.
  • Why Marketing Partnerships are the best marketing strategy on the planet
  • Why Qantas make more money from their Frequent Flyer program than they do from flying planes
  • The four reasons to form a Marketing Partnership
  • Why you do your customers a favour by being able to recommend them to your strategic partners
  • The weakness of traditional marketing
  • The difference between horizontal and vertical relationships
  • The three golden rules of the perfect Strategic Alliance
  • Why preparation is crucial in forming your Marketing Partnership
  • The one time you should never form a Marketing Partnership
  • Three tips for how to create your Marketing Partnership
  • Why it pays to clean up your online profile
  • How to form Marketing Partnerships using social media

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Simone Novello at PartnerUp

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