Graeme Cowan – Build Your Resilience

Graeme Cowan – Build Your Resilience, Boost Your Mental Fitness
Episode 015 of the Ideas Architect Podcast.

Graeme Cowan - Build Your ResilienceOur Topic: Resilience

Graeme Cowan is a former Management Executive who crashed and burned – in a big way. After suffering with depression for over 5 years he tried multiple attempts to take his own life. Ten years later and a long road to recovery he has successfully rebuilt his life. He has now written two books with a third international edition due out in January 2014. Graeme is a conference speaker and consultant who works with organisations to boost workplace productivity and build resilience. In particular, overcoming stress and depression. He’s also been a longtime supporter and advocate of RUOK, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging conversations to prevent suicide.

Ideas Architect Podcast

In this Podcast Episode…

  • What is the Elephant in the Board Room?
  • The biggest cause of lost workplace productivity.
  • Why workplace stress may be costing you big dollars.
  • How stressed leaders cause stressed workers.
  • What dog whisperers and horse whisperers can teach you about leading your teams.
  • The early warning signs that stress is impacting your health
  • Are you part of a Thriving Tribe?
  • Four micro-strategies for building corporate resilience you can implement today to create a measurable difference.
  • Why asking for help works.
  • What RUOK stands for and why it matters.
  • Why simple things make a big difference to mental health.
  • Three everyday factors that undermine mental health and how you can avoid them.
  • Why reflecting on your death today may be the best thing you ever do.
  • The power of living your life in One Week Blocks to build resilience.
  • Three high impact things to focus on each week
  • The shocking secret that Gandhi, Martin Luther King had in common.
  • Why adversity fuels empathy and resilience
  • How Realistic Thinking can be the source of your power
  • The Five Levels of Tribal Leadership
  • Why it’s not all about you
  • The importance of global travel
  • How to create workplaces that reward wellbeing as well as performance
  • Why commitment to your purpose is essential to your success

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