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Welcome to Episode 013 of the Ideas Architect Podcast.

Eric KnightOur Topic…

We talk with Australia’s Malcolm Gladwell, Eric Knight. He’s the author of the engaging book Reframe: How to Solve the World’s Trickiest Problems. Eric is a former Rhodes Scholar and economic consultant to the OECD, the UN and the World Bank. He writes for various newspapers and magazines and his second book Why We Argue About Climate Change has been recently published.

In this Podcast Episode…

Eric talks about:

  • Ideas Architect Podcast

    What makes Malcolm Gladwell a brilliant writer

  • The role of science fiction in shaping this story
  • How a train ride prompted the writing of this book
  • The power of sacrifice
  • Why Climate Change is not about the weather
  • Why communication can save the world
  • The problem with invisible problems
  • What makes problems complex
  • The tyranny of choice
  • Why process is crucial in an age of complexity
  • The single pathway to sustainable success
  • The importance of asking the right questions
  • Why process can be more powerful than answers

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