Wicked Thinking: How to Resolve Complex Problems

Geoff McDonald and the Ideas Architect PodcastWicked Thinking: How to Resolve Complex Problems.
Episode 016 of the Ideas Architect Podcast.

Geoff McDonald shares a Book Rapper recording. In this episode he takes the ideas from Eric Knight’s book Reframe: How to Solve the World’s Trickiest Problems and raps them for you in under 30 minutes.

Our Topic: Wicked Thinking

We live in a complex world. Many of the problems we face are not simple problems with simple answers. Instead, they’re wicked problems that require wicked thinking to resolve. They may be difficult or impossible to solve because the problem is so complex we can not easily understand it in the first place. Think Climate Change. In this episode we discuss some of the world’s biggest problems and how we might solve them…

In this Podcast Episode…

  • What is a ‘Wicked Problem’ and ‘Wicked Thinking’?
  • The rise of complexity
  • What is a ‘Skinny Problem’?
  • What is the real issue behind Terrorism?
  • What is a ‘Fat Problem’?
  • Wicked Thinking and Climate ChangeWhy the tools you use shape the problem you see
  • Why ‘Shiny Objects’ distract us from the real issues
  • What we can learn from Lawrence of Arabia
  • How to win when you’re outnumbered
  • Why most of stereotypes about terrorists are wrong
  • Why military and political solutions can’t solve terrorism
  • Why your focus shapes the problem in front of you
  • Why we presume situations are ‘Skinny’ when they may be ‘Fat’
  • Why Climate Change is so difficult to resolve
  • Why ‘Wicked Problems’ need to be managed not solved
  • Why Globalisation complicates almost everything
  • The problem with experiencing Climate Change
  • Why Carbon is the issue of Climate Change
  • Why there is confusion about the nature of Climate Change
  • How the blurring of authority has blurred our view of the world
  • Why Climate Change is not a disease of excess consumption
  • Why Climate Change may be solved by boosting economic growth
  • Why we can’t save our way to the future – we need to innovate
  • The difference between ‘Big Innovation’ and ‘Small Innovation’
  • Why ‘Small Innovation’ is the key to Climate Change – and most Wicked Thinking

Wicked Thinking Show Links

Love to hear your thoughts about Wicked Thinking and Wicked Problems. Do you think we will resolve Climate Change or the war on Terror?

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