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Marketing Plan: Manifesto Style

How to Create a Marketing Plan that Inspires You.
Episode 017 of the Ideas Architect Podcast.

Ideas Architect PodcastOur Topic: Marketing Plans That Inspire

We marry the idealism of a manifesto with the practicality of creating your marketing plan. In particular, we explore the nine principles of the Manifesto Manifesto with well-known examples. And, we leave you with a series of powerful questions that you can use to define the foundation of your marketing efforts.

In this Podcast Episode…

  • The weakness of traditional marketing plans
  • What is Ideas Marketing?
  • Four Types of Marketing Plans
  • The benefits of a Visual Marketing Plan
  • The power of a Public Marketing Plan
  • What is a manifesto?
  • The Manifesto Manifesto – the nine rules for creating your manifesto
  • The key word that all manifestos begin with
  • The importance of defining who we are
  • How JFK focussed the attention of an entire nation
  • Why having a vision is only half of what you need
  • Why Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a Dream’ speech was so powerful
  • How to create your own market
  • The shift to Community Marketing
  • The Five Pillars of Wikipedia
  • Why it’s good to have an enemy
  • Nike’s enemy
  • How to overcome the knowing-doing gap
  • The rise of the Slow Movement – food, travel, parenting
  • The importance of action
  • How to have other people live your idea
  • Why there are so many cathedrals in Europe
  • The big idea you can apply in your business from the world’s religions
  • How to start your own country – just like the USA did
  • How a manifesto can help you earn more money
  • The secret to Jerry Seinfeld’s success

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Manifesto - Fulfil Your PurposeThe Manifesto Manifesto ebook

The slide with the key questions from this recording is below to the right.

Marketing Plan - Manifesto StyleThe Nine Manifesto Manifesto Principles

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