The Slow Movement

The Slow Movement - Saviour your cup of tea The Slow Movement started in Italy with an attack on fast food. Rather than eating generic, imported foods the world over, it was a call to eat local and regional produce, recipes and organic food.
It soon spread not just around the world, to others aspects of life…
Slow parenting suggests you plan less activities for your children.
Slow travel celebrates the entire journey – not getting there the fastest way you can.
Slow cities or cittaslow aim to resist the sameness emerging in city growth and design.

Here’s the Slow Manifesto as written by Christopher Richards…

There are those who urge us to speed. We resist!  ?We shall not flag or fail. We shall slow down in the office, and on the roads. We  shall slow down with growing confidence when all those around us are in a shrill state of hyperactivity (signifying nothing). We shall defend our state of calm, whatever the cost may be. We shall slow down in the fields and in the streets, we shall slow down in the hills, we shall never surrender!?If you can slow down when all around you are speeding up, then you’re one of us. Be proud that you are one of us and not one of them. For they are fast, and we are slow. If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing slowly. Some are born to slowness—others have it thrust upon them. And still others know that lying in bed with a morning cup of tea is the supreme state for mankind.


The Slow Movement:
The Slow Manifesto:

Geoff’s Comment

Manifestos define an attitude, a philosophy and a worldview. Whilst we can ‘do slow’ it is much bigger than that. The beauty of defining ‘a way of being’ is that you can then apply it to various aspects of life.


  • Who do you want to become?
  • What attitudes do you want to promote?
  • How do you want us to act?

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