The Repair Manifesto

Repair Manifesto: Stop Recycling, Start Repairing


It used to be natural to repair things. Now we throw them out in the belief that they will be recycled. No loss, the planet wins. Not so. Recycling is often not an effective action. Some things cannot be easily recycled. It can be expensive and therefore may not get done. And, sometimes the energy it takes to recycle makes it a less effective option.


Stop Recycling, Start Repairing

1. Make your products live longer!

2. Things should be designed so that they can be repaired.

3. Repair is not replacement.

4. What doesn’t kill it makes it stronger.

5. Repairing is a creative challenge.

6. Repair survives fashion.

7. To repair is to discover.

8. Repair – even in good times!

9. Repaired things are unique.

10. Repairing is about independence.

11. You can repair anything, even a plastic bag.


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Geoff’s Comment

This manifesto highlights the diversity of opinions and manifestos. Whilst one group advocates recycling, another says this doesn’t address the same issue deeply enough.


Where do you hold a higher standard to the norm? How can you offer an alternative viewpoint without alienating others? Or, is it better to alienate them?

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