6 Manifestos Antagonise Others

Manifestos Antagonise Others

Here’s the sixth in a nine part series looking at the Manifesto Manifesto principles with a view to creating your own manifesto.

Manifestos need enemies. When they appeal to everyone they lose all their power. Some will cross your line in the sand, others will stay behind it. Magnify this difference to multiply your impact.

Two questions to ask yourself when you sit down to start writing your manifesto relative to creating the future…

1 Who is your enemy?

Football fans know who to hate – it’s this weeks opposition! Yeah, we hate them! We’re going to smash ’em. And, next week, it’ll be some other team. Who do you hate? Who’s your mortal enemy? It needed be a struggle to the death and it will give your manifesto power when you define an enemy to defeat. There’s nothing better than being in the crowd that roars its team to victory over your arch-enemy.

2 What quality, way of being or activity do you want to end?

Your enemy may not be a person. It might be a thing – Ban Comic Sans. It might be a way of being – The Slow Movement is an attack on being fast. Or it might be an activity: Stop Recycling, Start Repairing.

Work through these questions to start writing your manifesto. Share your results and/or ask questions in the comments below.

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