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Sandi GivensSandi Givens

Sandi Givens runs an online program for women across the country called Find Your Courageous Voice. Her passion is to enable more people to have courage and authenticity in their conversations.

Sandi is also the author of Women on the Move, a CSP professional speaker with PSA, a supporter of Beyond Blue and a highly experienced trainer and course facilitator.

Ideas Architect Podcast

Geoff McDonald and the Ideas Architect PodcastIn this episode (#112) of the Ideas Architect Podcast, Sandi Givens talks about having courageous conversations. In particular, we talk about:

How men and women approach conversations (and business) differently.

Typically, men are more likely to want to hide away in their caves and solve their problems on their own. In contrast, women are more likely to seek help from others.

How to manage your mental health demons

Sandi shares her golden rule: just do the next step. Instead of being overwhelmed by the whole process, just take the next step. Plus, we discuss the importance of doing some exercise and making advanced decisions.

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What are the agreements you are making with yourself?

How to make decisions in advance so you are more likely to commit and perform your tasks day-to-day. And why you ‘should’ avoid the ‘shoulds’.

How we learn best

Drip-feeding content to participants in training is a better approach than the usual water-hose method of providing lots of information to learners all at once in one mind-blowing session.

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The power of weekly accountability

Completing your tasks alone can be tough. Accountability to a coach or as part of a program can be a simple addition to your actions that call you to be in a simple and effective way.

The advantage of Webinar Technology

Sandi is running her ‘Find Your Courageous Voice’ as webinar-based training. This has enabled her to reach a wider audience across the country, maintain her lifestyle by being able to deliver her sessions from anywhere plus provide the content, accountability and support for her participants.

The Known Zone

Why ‘moving from our comfort zones may not be the most empowering description of what we’re facing.

The Story of Sandi’s Son

To complete this podcast episode, Sandi shares a poignant story about her son to illustrate a useful principle.

Podcast Show Notes

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