Success Principles to Grow Your Business

Success Principles to Grow Your Business
Episode 023 of the Ideas Architect Podcast.

Success Principles to Grow Your Business

Our Topic: Success Principles

This episode started out as part of my review of my business for 2013. I was looking at what worked, what didn’t and what I could do differently in 2014 to create my best year yet.

As I started to identify the key themes in my business I realised that these were not unique to me. Instead, they were a set of principles that anyone could use to grow your business. And, in being true to one of the success principles, I thought I’d share them with you via my blog and podcast.

Ideas Architect PodcastIn this Podcast Episode

  • Take Your Own Advice: This is a call to arms and time to look yourself in the mirror. Have a look at what you’re telling other people to do in your business, e.g. what are you advising your clients and review whether you’re doing it. We also recommend the best coach you’ll ever need.
  • Niche Down: Is your positioning specific enough? We look at the three keys to creating your niche so you can stand out as the leader and expert in your market.
  • Be Social: We discuss the number one thing I believe every business should be building as an absolute priority. As success principles go this could be your most important!
  • Be Emotional, Be Happy: Most people have their success formula backwards. We explore the power of being emotional and a power resource to play to your strengths.
  • Go Public: We share the two big reasons that you need to blogging and why you need to be less private and more public in your business approach.
  • Build Practices, Habits and Rituals: This fundamental success principle is based on the simple view that what we repeat builds our results. And, we discuss the differences and the power of creating practices, habits and rituals.
  • Surprise!: Our 7th success principles is a surprise – it was to me!

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