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Content Strategy – The Daring way TV chefs thrill their customers

‘Content Strategy – the daring way TV chefs thrill their customers’ is part 4 in our four-part series on ‘How to be successful as an expert in business’. 1: Three Business Growth Strategies 2: Build Your Business Success 3: Know Your Clients Thoughts The big trap many business experts make The big trap that many…

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Stuart Harris

Content Marketing: The New Way to Sell

Are your sales floundering? It might be that you’re selling in a way that no longer works. In this podcast episode we talk about the new way to sell using Content Marketing and Social Media.. It’s a recent interview with Stuart Harris on his Online Effectiveness show. For me, it was the first time I’d…

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How to Attract Your Ideal Customers

How’s business? Do you have enough clients? And, are they your ideal clients? Previously, we might have advertised to sell our services and attract clients. Today, with the rise of the internet, how we buy things has changed. Mostly, we ignore advertisements. We know they’re biased. Instead, we seek out information from experts willing to share their…

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How Content Marketing Works

Previously, we defined ‘What is Content Marketing?‘ Now, let’s see how it all works with an example. Google Search Recently, my voice recorder started to rattle. And, it eventually stopped working. This meant I had to buy another one. Where do I start? Naturally, I went to Google and searched for ‘Voice recorders’. As I typed it…

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What is Content Marketing?

It seems that everyone is talking about content and content marketing. Here’s my take on what these terms mean and how you can use them to leverage your business. What is Content? Let’s start with defining content… Content is the words and images that you’re reading right now. In books, it’s the action between the…

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The Ultimate Content Marketing Case Study

Ellen Visits Australia US TV personality Ellen DeGeneres has just completed her whirlwind tour of Australia. Whilst no one is confirming how much she was paid, tourism groups who sponsored the trip are claiming big benefits. Source: Robert Upe, The Age “The Ellen DeGeneres show has a global audience of more than 16 million people…

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