Gary Vaynerchuk on Content Marketing

Here’s a short sharp video from Gary Vaynerchuk on Content Marketing…

A couple of key points to reinforce:

  • Marketing is changing.
  • Content is King.
  • Content is a commodity.
  • Quality matters.
  • Solve your customers’ problems.

Whilst, this is a high-quality production that rivals mass media TV, when we say ‘quality content’, we’re not talking about production quality. Your production only needs to be ‘good enough’ and that means we can hear it and see your video clearly. ‘Quality Content’ is measured by how well you solve your customers’ problems.

[Update Below: 1 March 2022]

The Most Important Skill for Thought Leaders to Develop

In a more recent post, I explored the skills that I think thought leaders need to develop.

I shared ten skills. Then I suggested most of them were almost generic because all knowledge-based workers could or should be building those skills.

But, when you look at what thought leaders do, one skill stood out as being essential. That is Context Shifting – the ability to label or re-label the background conversation that is driving our behaviour.

I also added a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk that summed up this point: If Content is King, Context is God.

Context is God - Gary Vaynerchuk

A lot has been said about producing content as a means to attract and keep your clients. But most of that focuses on the content side of things and so little of that on the context.

My view is this: if you want to lead you to need to address the context. In particular, if you want to be a thought leader then it is essential for you to create new contexts for us to operate from. This creates new possibilities, new opportunities and new actions.

Most importantly, this is how you lead with ideas. You point to things that shift how performance and you do this by naming new contexts.


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