Are you Focussing on the Wrong Thing?


A Fitness Trap

I’ve just come back from the gym. I’m a gym-junkie. I go 4-5 times a week.

And, typically, when I talk to people at the gym or about the gym a familiar question gets asked: Are you trying to lose weight or put on weight? I find this an odd question. I’m not really trying to do either.

I’m reasonably lean so I don’t want to lose weight. And, whilst bigger muscles might look good in the mirror that’s not my motivation either. My goal is to be stronger, faster and more flexible.

I want to be fit for life. And, this revolves around movement, not some arbitrary comparison that I’m too heavy or don’t have big enough muscles.

A Business Trap

In business, I think we can fall into the same trap of focussing on the wrong things.

The classic example is when cash flow gets tight. And, there’s a mad scramble to ‘get more clients’. If you simply keep helping people get what they want then you’ll get what you want some time soon after.

I’m not saying don’t focus on your internal systems and your marketing. I am saying stay focussed on your customers and build your business around what they need.

A Content Marketing Trap

On the Content Marketing scene, focussing on the wrong thing is usually referenced by the question: ‘What should I blog about?’

That question tells me instantly, that you’re focussing on yourself and not on your clients.

If Content Marketing is defined around presenting information that assists your customers with their decision making, then it’s clear what to blog about. Produce content that helps your customers or clients. And, the best thing to do is to listen to their comments, questions and suggestions.

Are you focussing on the right things?

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