How to Attract Your Ideal Customers

One Candle

How’s business? Do you have enough clients? And, are they your ideal clients?

Previously, we might have advertised to sell our services and attract clients. Today, with the rise of the internet, how we buy things has changed. Mostly, we ignore advertisements. We know they’re biased.

Instead, we seek out information from experts willing to share their ideas and opinions. They’re using an approach called Content Marketing. The aim is to educate, inform and assist people in their buying decisions. They know that if they help enough people some of them will buy from you. And, if they like your ideas and the way you think it’s more likely you’ve attracted a potential ideal client.

Your Three Challenges

The first challenge of Content Marketing is what to create. You might ask:
• Write : What should I write about?
• Know : What do my clients want to know?
• Listen : Why should anyone listen to me?

The second challenge of Content Marketing is which platform to create and share your ideas:
• Blog : Should I write a blog?
• Email : Is email marketing dead?
• Video : Do people like to watch video?
• Webinar : What’s a webinar?
• Podcast : Is a podcast effective?
• Social Media : And, what about Facebook, Twitter and Linked In?

The third challenge of Content Marketing is how to create this information consistently and creatively over time. You might ask:
• Ease : I’m already busy! How can I do this quickly and easily?
• Outsource : Should I create this information myself or should I ask someone else to help me?
• Share : How often should I share my ideas and opinions?

What You’ll Learn…

To help you overcome these three important Content Marketing challenges we’ve created a six hour, two session Masterclass. You’ll learn all of this and more…
• Inspired : Clarify the underlying motivation behind your business to help you stay inspired everyday.
• Results : Identify your ideal client to increase your results.
• Expertise : Reveal which types of content suit your personal strengths to best showcase your expertise – And which ones you should avoid to save you time and effort. Plus we’ll check which content types suit your ideal clients to ensure you attract the right people.
• Focus : Design your personal Content Business Model to be heighten your focus and boost your effectiveness.
• Leverage : Discover which types of content can be created once and used many times for the ultimate leverage.
• Income : Identify which items you’ll share for free to attract a bigger audience. And, which ones you will create to boost your cash flow and generate new income streams.
• Voice : Tune into your brand voice and how to amplify it so you’ll be heard through the usual social media noise.
• Leader : Create conversations that position you as an expert, a leader and the go-to person in your market.
• Impact : Define the topics you’ll create content about to obtain the maximum impact with the least effort.
• Achieve : Streamline how you create your content so you achieve more in less time, including outsourcing.
• Simplify : Define a one page plan for production and scheduling your activity to simplify your content management.
• Lesson : What the Buddha might have said about Content Marketing. Hint: The Candle.


Many candles

How it Works…

Here’s how the Masterclass works:

• Two sessions : The program runs in two 3 hour sessions, one week apart – it’s short and specific.
• Live : During this time there’ll be live virtual presentations so you know you’re getting the most up to date information.
• Question Time : And, we’ll leave plenty of time for to ask all your questions to personalise your learning.
• Be Heard : And numbers are deliberately limited to 10 people to ensure you get heard and your questions are answered.
• Recordings : If you miss a live presentation you’ll be able to watch the recordings.
• Email Access : Plus, you also have email access to the presenter for 28 days after the second session to ask any other questions. We want you to learn first, implement second and achieve great results. 

Who Should Attend…

This Masterclass is best suited to:

• Leaders : Consultants, speakers, trainers, coaches and experts willing to stand up and be market leaders.
• Client Focus : Business people with a focussed attention on what works for their clients
• Website : Businesses that already have a website in place. You’ll need this as your launch pad for your content.

Who should not attend…

This Masterclass may not suit everyone. It’s expected that you will:

• Participate : Be part of the live presentations.
• Homework : Do the homework between sessions. This will take between two to five hours each week. The more you do the better your results!
• Breakthrough : Be up for a business breakthrough! It’s likely this will course will challenge your current business thinking and you will be asked to do some things you haven’t done before.

If you’re not prepared to do the work, please don’t register. We’ve severely limited the numbers in these courses (only 10 people in each program) to ensure the people who join us are focussed and prepared to work to produce great results.

Who is the Presenter?

This Masterclass is being run by Geoff McDonald.

• Book Rapper : He’s the creator of the Book Rapper book summary service that has been downloaded more than 70,000 times. Geoff will be drawing on this experience of what works and what doesn’t to fast track your results.
• Architect : He’s a former architect who has presented at international design conferences. Plus, he’s the author of four books.
• Learning : He’s also highly trained and broadly experienced in coaching, training, facilitation and instructional design to ensure you experience an optimum learning environment.
• Ideas Architect : He no longer designs buildings. Instead, as the Ideas Architect, Geoff helps people design, build and sell their ideas. This includes creating presentations, information products, board games, seminars and defining their big idea.

Dates and Details

Course One

Investment : Introductory Offer – $300 plus GST – save $150, Maximum 10 people

Dates – Tuesday : June 18 and June 25, 9am to 12 noon.

Early Bird Offer : Closes June 4, Book Rapper subscription value $197. For Book Rapper subscribers only, a virtual Ideas Hour with the presenter, valued at $450.

Course 2

Investment : $450 plus GST, Maximum 10 people

Dates – Tuesday : July 30 and August 6, 9am to 12 noon.

Early Bird Offer : Closes July 16, Book Rapper subscription value $197. For Book Rapper subscribers only, a virtual Ideas Hour with the presenter, valued at $450.

Future Masterclasses…

Unless there is an extraordinary demand for this program, these two courses will be the only times this Content Marketing Masterclass will run as a live event. After this, it will only be available as a recorded program. And, in it’s place a series of new live Masterclasses on complementary topics will be created instead.

To Register…

Content Marketing Masterclass



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